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The role of search engine optimization in brand building
Consistency is crucial in brand building, as a unified image and repeated messages help in enhancing brand recognition and credibility. SEO, as one of the most important branches of marketing, ...
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Google Trends használata a SEO stragiádban
How to Use Google Trends in SEO?
When we talk about SEO, we tend to think only about keyword analysis and building a backlink profile. But there is a powerful tool that many still underestimate: Google Trends. ...
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Google Core Update: What Is It, and What Can You Do in Case of a Penalty?
Google Algorithm Updates, Core Update: What Is It, and What Can You Do in Case of a Penalty? In March, a new Google core spam algorithm update was launched, primarily ...
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SEO hatékonyság mérése
Tips on how to measure SEO effectiveness and results
A well-planned SEO strategy can significantly increase a website’s visibility, traffic and ultimately business results. However, for an SEO strategy to be truly effective, it needs not only to be ...
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SEO 2024
How will search engine optimisation (SEO) change in 2024?
Search, and the way we search in general, is evolving so fast that sometimes it feels like everything has changed in the blink of an eye. And the last 1-1.5 ...
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Hangalapú keresőoptimalizálás
Voice search and its impact on SEO
In this fast-paced world, where information overload is ever increasing, people need fast and efficient answers. Voice search engine optimisation focuses on meeting these needs, allowing users to “navigate” the ...
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Google AI
The new AI-based Google search engine, SGE
Artificial intelligence will soon change the way you search on Google. It’s very interesting to see, both from a user and SEO expert’s perspective, how artificial intelligence and the war ...
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Google E-E-A-T algoritmus frissítés
The pillars of SEO content writing – Google E-E-A-T Guide
If you read search engine optimization blogs (like ours), you’ve probably heard about Google’s “appetite” for E-A-T. If you haven’t, then briefly, E-A-T is short for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.  ...
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Keresőoptimalizálás ChatGPT-vel
ChatGPT SEO, or artificial intelligence in SEO
It’s perhaps no exaggeration to say that the biggest hype storm in months has swept the world with the launch of ChatGPT. The artificial intelligence-based language model makes English super ...
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keresőoptimalizálás alapjai
The basics of search engine optimisation
You read a lot about SEO, which in most people's minds appears as a strange, inexplicable concept. However, in this article, we'll dispel that fog and show you how you ...
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How can an SEO expert help you?
The role of SEO, or search engine optimisation, has become unquestionable in recent years. Because getting your website found organically by visitors is one of the key pillars of your ...
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Megmutatjuk, hogyan állítsd be a Google Analyticset!
How to track your website traffic?
Weboldal tulajdonosként – legyen akár webshopod, akár más online szolgáltatásod – mérned kell a honlapunk látogatottságát. Másként nem tudhatod meg, hogy nő vagy épp csökken a látogatottság mint ahogy azt ...
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weboldal optimalizálás legfontosabb lépések
Key steps for website optimisation
When you want to build, you first have to dig the foundation, pour the water and then build the home of your dreams, brick by brick. But the first step ...
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SEO or Social Media Marketing: Which is Better?
Digital marketing has fast become a favourite among marketers. As it’s gaining more popularity, it’s also taking different forms like SEM, SEO, PPC, and SMM. In this blog post, we’ll ...
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2023-as SEO trendek
5+1 SEO trends in 2023
As Google’s algorithms (systems) continue to evolve, so does search engine optimization. If you need an SEO tutorial, we recommend our comprehensive guide at the link, which will show you ...
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Link building is a foundation of SEO – we show you why
If you were to ask any random SEO expert what one of the hardest jobs in search engine optimization is, 9 out of 10 would say link building. This is ...
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A YouTube SEO-zása
Youtube SEO Guide – How to SEO your Youtube video?
Although most people in SEO focus on textual content, when we talk about content, we don’t just mean blog posts, but also podcasts and videos. And, just like text content, ...
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Hogyan SEO-zz egy blogot?
SEO guide for bloggers: how to search engine optimize a blog?
With a well-optimised blog, you can literally increase your organic visitors tenfold. Of course, you also need to know how to SEO a blog. In this article, we’ve put together ...
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Google algoritmus frissítés 2022: Helpful content
What does Google’s new algorithm update, Helpful content, do?
We’ve become used to Google occasionally updating its algorithms to make search more accurate and improve the user experience. Some website owners dread the impact of the update on their ...
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IndexNow Google
These will be the latest SEO trends in 2022
SEO is constantly changing, as Google’s algorithms are constantly updated and updated. And you have to react to them, constantly watching and monitoring how the rankings for a given keyword ...
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Keyword research for beginners
Keyword research for SEO: a 2023 guide for beginners
Algorithm updates come and go, SEO trends emerge and then disappear into the background… But in a sea of variables, one thing is always constant: keyword research. Good search engine ...
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Új weboldal keresőoptimalizálása
SEO optimization for a new website – How to optimize your brand new website?
When we want to launch a new website, we are mostly concerned with the design, the images or at most the text. However, it is very important that the site ...
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2023-as SEO trendek
How to improve the user experience of your website?
We often come across the terms UX or UX-optimisation. These refer to the user experience. But what do they mean in practice and how can you benefit from them?
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Megmutatjuk, hogyan írj jó SEO szöveget
How to write search engine friendly, SEO content?
At first glance, search engine optimised content, also known as SEO content, is not much different from classic posts. Except perhaps that you'll see them more often in Google's top ...
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