Czár Ékszer

Online jewellery store from Hungary

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“We would like a fair, accurate SEO team who are skilled and help us. The SEOlympic, Makkai Mátyás are just like that. We love working with them. We hope that our cooperation will be fruitful. They brought us many, many visitors, thank you very much. Come on, keep it up!”

Georgina Grécs

The work

Our objective with Czár Ékszer, the online jewellery store, was to amplify its digital footprint through precise SEO tactics. Through our all-encompassing SEO approach, we not only strengthened Czár Ékszer’s domain authority and online prominence but also realized a 75% growth in organic traffic.

In addition, we fine-tuned on-page components, guaranteeing a smooth and superior user journey, while placing emphasis on content abundant in relevant keywords and meticulous meta descriptions.

The result

As a direct result of our initiatives for Czár Ékszer, we observed a significant 75% rise in organic visitors to the website. This boost in traffic led to a 54% increase in sales, underscoring the potency of our methods!

Organic Growth

The website saw a notable spike in organic visitors, growing by more than 75% compared to the previous year. This resulted in a significant 54% rise in organic purchases!

Organic traffic

Due to our SEO efforts, the website has consistently seen an increase in organic traffic during the course of our partnership.

Clicks and impressions

Clicks from Google searches and website impressions have also increased significantly during the optimization.


We’ve successfully positioned 27 new keywords within Google’s top 10 rankings, and additionally, the overall count of ranked keywords grew by 211 search terms.

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Client reviews

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