Interlet Estate Agency

An Award-winning Real estate agency from Kensington, UK. 

Main results

The work

Our goal with the SEO campaign for the Interlet estate agency was to make their website more visible online and to improve its UX. Using our proven SEO methods, we saw a 332% increase in organic traffic and an increased Click through rate!

As the main focus points of our strategy, we worked on improving the website’s technical SEO, enhancing user experience, adding quality content, and building strong backlinks.

The result

Through the SEO campaign, we have managed to strengthen the online presence of the Interlet estate agency while also contributing to their growth in the well-known Kensington real estate market. 

Organic growth

As a result of SEO optimization, the organic traffic of the website has increased by more than 332% on a year to year comparison basis!

Organic Traffic

The organic website traffic has steadily increased throughout our collaboration, as the website has got more and more accessible to searchers.

Click through rate (CTR)

The Click through rate (CTR) of the website has also increased from 2.3% to 4.5% as a result of SEO. 


We’ve managed to rank 16 new keywords into the top 10 positions of Google, while the total number of rankings keywords has been also expanded by 104 search terms. 

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Client reviews

More case studies

A business consulting company with a website that has attracted nearly 5 times more visitors since implementing SEO!

49% traffic increase for the Budapest-based (Hungary) plastic clinic. 

64% increase in organic traffic at the financial software company! 

This UK-based real estate agency has witnessed an impressive increase of 103% in website traffic since implementing our SEO strategies.

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