Nagyon Állat Shop

Quality pet food and equipment store from Hungary.

Main results

Client review

„We have been working with you for years. The requested tasks are always carried out with precision and accuracy. The accessibility of our webshop has improved significantly, thank you very much”

The work

Our mission with Nagyon Állat Shop was to elevate its online visibility through strategic SEO practices. As a result, we witnessed a remarkable 863% growth in organic traffic and a 690% increase in website revenue.

To achieve this, we honed the website’s technical SEO, enriched the user experience, developed comprehensive content, and improved the backlink profile.

The result

Through our SEO campaign, we successfully enhanced the website’s authority, online presence, and traffic. Additionally, we made notable improvements to the website’s user experience.

Organic Growth

As a result of the SEO optimization, the organic traffic of the website has increased by more than 863%, resulting in a 690% growth in organic sales!

Organic Traffic

Due to our SEO efforts, the organic traffic to the website has consistently increased during our partnership.

Clicks and impressions

There was also a significant increase in clicks from Google and website impressions, driven by the improved keyword rankings.


We’ve managed to rank 120 new keywords into the top 10 positions of Google, while the total number of rankings keywords has been also expanded by 455 search terms. 

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Client reviews

More case studies

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