The website of photographer Tamás Gáll, who does wedding photography in Debrecen and surrounding areas (Hungary).

Main results

Client review

„They’ve done a correct and precise work! My website’s Google ranking has improved a lot and the loading time has decreased significantly.”

Gáll Tamás
PhoTogether, Wedding photographer

The work

The main goal of optimizing the website was to increase the online visibility and to attract more customers online.

The main focus points of the SEO campaign were the website and market analysis, finding the right keywords, optimizing the technical SEO settings, and building up the backlink profile of the website.

The result

As a result of the SEO campaign, the website has a much stronger online presence and higher traffic, while the User Experience (UX) provided by the website has also improved significantly.

Website performance

The SEO campaign has managed to increase the organic traffic of the website by more than 133%, moreover the time spent by the visitors on the website has also increased by more than 43%.

Organic Traffic

During the search engine optimization period, the organic traffic of the website has been increasing consistently as more and more keywords reached the first page of Google.


During the optimization, we have managed to rank the website in the top 10 of Google for 10 new keywords, and the complete list of keywords that the website ranks for has also been expanded by more than 50 keywords!

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Client reviews

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