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“Professional and efficent SEO company, great results on a great price!”

Szabó Gergő

The work

Our objective with Skandimánia, the online sauna store, was to enhance its online presence using a reliable and cost-efficient approach, resulting in a staggering 799% boost in organic traffic.

Key pillars of our campaign included refining the technical SEO aspects of Skandimánia, elevating the overall User Experience (UX), enriching the content, and fortifying the Backlink profile.

The result

As a direct outcome of our efforts for Skandimánia, we witnessed a remarkable 799% increase in organic visitors to the website. 

Organic Growth

The website experienced a significant rise in organic traffic, increasing by over 799% compared to the prior year for Skandimánia.

Organic traffic

Thanks to our SEO strategies, Skandimánia’s website has witnessed a steady growth in organic traffic throughout our collaboration.

Clicks and impressions

Clicks from Google searches and website impressions have also increased significantly during the optimization.


We’ve ranked 23 new keywords in Google’s top 10 positions, and moreover, the total number of ranking keywords expanded by an additional 151 search terms.

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Client reviews

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