Validis Limited

Validis Limited is a cloud-based FinTech company with a unique software that increases a lender’s access to their client’s financial data. Their systems and applications are currently used by 80 percent of the tier one banks in the U.K. and all of the big four accounting firms.

Main results

Client review

„We have been working with Makkai from SEOlympic for some months. He has rapidly shifted our digital strategy, delivering within weeks marked improvements to page rankings across the bulk of our keywords. The results over a 6 month period has been an average page rank improvement of 42, regularly landing us on the first page on organic search. This has been instrumental in more than doubling our lead volume over that time as we look to sell to the largest lenders and accountants.”

Joel Curry
Validis Limited, CEO

The work

The goal of the SEO campaign for Validis Limited was to effectively increase the website’s online visibility in the United Kingdom and in the United States in a short period of time and to generate more leads online.

The custom SEO campaign included the following tasks: Optimizing the technical SEO settings, content building, mapping and developing opportunities for collaboration and link building, improving the website’s User Experience as well as tracking and presenting the results.

The result

As a result of the SEO optimization, the website’s online visibility, authority and generated lead count has increased significantly in both countries, which helped the company to raise aweraness of its unique financial data management software, DataShare.

Organic Traffic

As a result of the SEO optimization, the organic website traffic has grown steadily throughout our collaboration.

Clicks and impressions

Due to the improvement of the keyword ranking positions, the number of clicks on the website and impressions in Google have also increased significanlty.

Organic growth

Organic website traffic (monthly) increased by more than 64%! (comparison between the 30-day period before the start of our work and the 30-day period after the optimization)


The number of keywords ranking in the Google Top 10 (first page) has increased by 25, while the complete list of keywords that the website ranks for has been expanded by more than 750 new keywords (Top 100 ranking)!

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Client reviews

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