Weld Man Kft.

An online hand tool and accessories store from Hungary

Main results

Client review

“After working with several (unsuccessful) SEO teams, we can say that Mátyás and his team are the ones every webshop owner needs. We had only one mandatory request before signing the contract: to track the results on a weekly basis. Not only is this met to the max, but we also receive monthly summaries in addition to the ever-increasing results! Thank you!!!! If Seo, then SEOlympic! Go for it!”

The work

Our goal with Weldman was to boost its online presence using targeted SEO strategies. Through our comprehensive SEO strategy, we not only bolstered the website’s domain authority and online visibility but also achieved a surge in organic traffic.

Furthermore, we optimized on-page elements, ensuring a seamless and enhanced user experience, while also focusing on keyword-rich content and meta descriptions.

The result

As a direct outcome of our efforts, we witnessed a substantial increase of 153% in organic website visitors. This surge in traffic translated into a 45% uptick in revenue, reflecting the effectiveness of our strategies and the enhanced engagement of our target audience.

Organic Growth

The website experienced an impressive surge in organic traffic, with an increase of over 153% on a year to year basis. This led to a remarkable 45% boost in organic sales!

Organic Traffic

Thanks to our SEO strategies, there has been a steady rise in organic traffic to the website throughout our collaboration.

Clicks and impressions

We also noticed a marked uptick in clicks from Google and website impressions, as a result of our enhanced keyword positioning.


We’ve managed to rank 80 new keywords into the top 10 positions of Google, while the total number of rankings keywords has been also expanded by 1328 search terms. 

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Client reviews

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