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SEO is a long-term marketing strategy, typically necessitating at least two to three months of effort before yielding tangible results. This duration is a primary reason why ongoing (monthly) SEO plans have emerged as the most prevalent options in the industry! It affords SEO specialists the time to devise and execute the optimal campaign for your business, and achieve the best results.

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all SEO solutions. We recognize that every website is different and, consequently, a bespoke SEO strategy is necessary to achieve specific goals. After analyzing your website’s initial situation, we craft personalized SEO plans that align with your needs and expectations. There is only one common factor across all our SEO campaigns: The Result!

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What's included?

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Website Optimization (On-page)

Enhancing the website’s technical condition and optimizing its content. The on-page optimization process involves implementing technical SEO, aiding both search engines and visitors in better understanding your website.

The website optimization includes:


Link Building(Off-page)

Building High Quality Backlinks to the website from relevant, trusted sources, in order to improve the ranking positions of the selected keywords and to increase the organic traffic of the website.

We use two different methods:

We exclusively utilize White-hat SEO methods to safeguard the website from incurring any penalties from Google.


Content marketing

Consistently writing and publishing a certain number of new blog articles per month, each ranging from 800-1500 words, we ensure a steady stream of fresh content.

We focus on crafting relevant, original, and interesting content with the primary goal of attracting new visitors to the website.

Additionally, we review the existing content on the website and provide insightful guidance on how to refine and improve them to further enhance your online presence.


UX Optimization

User Experience (UX) pertains to how visitors navigate through your website. From an SEO standpoint, optimizing UX is pivotal because it not only assists visitors and customers in finding what they seek on your site but also affords you the opportunity to comprehend their behavior and enhance the likelihood of them revisiting your website.

As part of the service, we:


Guest posting

Guest posting involves contributing a post to another individual’s or company’s blog / website. In SEO, guest posting is utilized to secure niche-relevant backlinks from high-authority sources.

Initially, we compose unique and detailed articles related to your business / product / service. Once the articles are prepared, we reach out to bloggers / editors within your industry to explore opportunities for post contributions.

As part of the service, we:


Custom Solutions

Keeping up with the latest Google algorithm updates and SEO methods is integral, and we ensure their incorporation into the ongoing search engine optimization process. We persistently re-analyze the website’s online presence, providing detailed recommendations for its enhancement.

In simpler terms, custom solutions might pertain to any factor not previously mentioned as part of the above-described services and can exert a significant impact on the website’s online presence.

We ensure our clients are kept abreast of changes within the SEO industry, such as algorithm updates and releases, ranking factors, etc., and coordinate their SEO campaigns accordingly!


Tracking the Results

SEO is measurable! Even though SEO can be intricate, precisely tracked traffic metrics and ranking positions consistently provide a transparent snapshot of the current standing.

In the initial step of the monthly SEO campaign, we establish and configure the Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts for the website. This enables us to access the most recent traffic data and monitor the website’s online performance.

In addition to the aforementioned Google integrations, we also employ custom rank tracking tools. These assist us in monitoring the progress of the selected keywords and tracking the most crucial SEO metrics in straightforward spreadsheets.

We utilize this spreadsheet to record the fluctuations in the ranking positions of the selected keywords as well as the most pivotal SEO metrics, such as Domain Authority, Page Rank, Trust Flow, and so forth.


Status update Emails

We provide each of our clients with a detailed report/update email regarding the website’s present status and the stage of the work twice a month (on the second and fourth weeks).

A status update email includes a list of tasks completed in the past two weeks, the objectives for the upcoming two weeks, and the SEO Progress Report, which displays the current values of the website’s SEO metrics and the ranking positions of the targeted keywords.

The aim of disseminating the status update emails is to render the progress easily trackable for our clients and to furnish them with a detailed overview of the project.

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