SEO Audit

The first step of every successful SEO campaign

SEO Audit?

SEO audit is the process of evaluating a website’s technical health, structural design, content quality, usability, and overall SEO performance. It also encompasses market analysis and keyword research, with the primary objective of furnishing a thorough insight into the website’s online presence.

Conducting an SEO audit and obtaining a snapshot of your website’s online presence serves as the first step in the actual SEO campaign. This is undertaken to collect data about your website and to acquire a deeper understanding of the baseline situation.

Attempting SEO without conducting an audit is like trying to solve a problem without identifying its root cause, making it clear why the audit is an essential component of the process.

What's included?

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Website Analysis

Conducting a thorough analysis of your website to uncover all prevailing issues adversely affecting its online presence is crucial. Without this analysis, executing a successful SEO campaign becomes virtually unattainable, and the positive effects of external optimization can be nullified.

The compiled website audit will encompass the following:


Keyword Research

We’ll do deep research to find the best search terms for your niche. First, we’ll look at your business, what you sell, and who your customers are to really understand your website’s goals.

Next, we’ll make a big list of possible keywords and collect the most important details about each one:

Next, we’ll start narrowing down the list by removing unsuitable keyword options, like those with low search volume or high competition, etc. After we filter them out, we’ll have a list of relevant, profitable search terms ready to target.


Competitor Research

Conducting a thorough analysis of your most successful competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

The analysis will include the following:

The analysis will assist us in understanding the strategies employed by the most successful competitor websites and in devising plans to outrank them.


Backlink Report

Conducting a Backlink analysis to identify all the indexed backlinks pointing to your website.

The analysis will include the following:

The formulated analysis will assist us in obtaining a detailed perspective of your website’s existing backlinks and to accordingly orchestrate the backlink building process.

SEO Audit Packages


Designed for small business websites (non-ecommerce)

250 €



Designed for SMB’s and ecommerce stores (with up to a 100 products)

300 €



Designed for SMB’s and larger ecommerce stores (100+ products)

350 €


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